I HATE how Bungie is catering to whiny little crybabies who didnt get what they wanted out of their legendary engrams. YEA YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO AT LEVEL 22. As if the bullshit from the queen’s mission of GUARANTEED purple items wasn’t bad enough, I hate how Bungie is going to nerf the rarity of items. What does “legendary” even mean to them if they reduce the difficult of acquiring it to that of a common weapon. At level 27, I get a purple engram nearly every mission or two. That doesn’t mean I want “legendary” items dropping like candy. I’m so pissed.

As a MMO fan for YEARS, I was having so much fun with the grind, the anticipation, the letdown, and the eventual EXHILARATION when an item was legendary or even exotic. After 50 failures, 1 success seems so much more celebratory than if you just get purple after purple from purple engrams.

There’s not going to be any anticipation in it anymore, and the reaction to getting a purple weapon or gear is no longer going to be “OH AWESOME” but rather “meh this gun sucks”. Cuz whiny little dicks decided to get this game then cry a fucking river without realizing how a MMO functions. And now Bungie is actually catering to them, when they’re also the fucktards that wont be playing this game in a few months. Fuck. Thanks for taking one of the most important and common MMO elements out of your MMO hybrid to cater to these fickle, egotistical crybabies Bungie.

I GOT ALL THESE FUCKING THINGS BEFORE THE DAMN UPDATE. WHEN LEGENDARY RARITY ACTUALLY MEANT SOMETHING. TWO PHOTOS, ONE WITH THE BULLSHIT FROM THE QUEEN, ONE WITHOUT (Pulse Rifle has nothing to do with the queen, I just thought I’d switch that in too though to go with the uniformed Purple display)

Doing tricks n shit on my sparrow in Destiny when my mind flashed to something and I just had to upload this


Let me start off by saying this: Destiny was and is and will probably continue to be for a quite a while, simply amazing.

No, I’m not saying that because I bought into the hype. If anything, usually it would be the opposite, as childish as this will sound, I hate mainstream things or things with a lot of hype. Not because I fancy myself a hipster, but because when someone tries to pressure me into watching/doing/reading/playing something, I get turned off to that very thing. It’s this innate “fuck you, I do what I want” trait I have inside me. It took me 2 years to give in and play Skyrim. So hype has nothing to do with it.

There are people that dislike it. But I think this is because they play it the wrong way. They play it as if its a shooter like the Halo or CoD franchises. They rush through everything, they hit that 20 cap, and then they get pissy. They’re cheating themselves out of the the full experience of this. The bounties, the decryptions, etc etc. This is more than just a shooter, this an RPG as well. And when they play it as if its just a shooter, it’ll quickly stop being fun for them. I have been playing MMOs since I was a child though. I probably devoted far more time to a Korean MMORPG called Wonderking than I should admit. Let’s just say I had about 4 characters that were Level 50+. Anyways, my point is I know and understand how RPGs work, and that helps me be able to better understand and play this type of game and get the full experience.

But therein also lies a fault. While this is a game with RPG type elements bordering MMORPG, it couldn’t fully expand on them because it also tried to be a shooter primarily. As a result, there are some sacrifices. With traditional MMORPGs, you grow up to a certain level, you talk to your master, you get the chance to advance classes, and you go from there. Here, the experience was…really underwhelming. I reached level 15, ta-da I advanced classes. That’s not how MMORPGs work though. Usually you talk to your master and you are presented with a choice of 3 or so classes, and you pick one. If an MMORPG goes really into it, that class you pick lets you pick from 2 or 3 choices for further advancements once you reach an even higher level. For example, you advance the first time at level 25, and then again at level 50 and the first advancement you choose determines the choices available for your second advancement too. But this game doesn’t give you a choice, you go from one class to the next, no choices of what class you want to advance to. Another problem presented is the soft level cap of 20. It doesnt leave much to adventuring and growing. Sure theres 9 extra bonus levels, but that still doesnt change the fundamental idea that theres not too many levels available for advancement. Like I said, I’m a huge MMORPG fan, so I’m used to be able to go up to at LEAST level 50 or 75. I get how that could cause problems for this game, and that its not a true MMORPG, but getting 50 level advancements and choices of class advancements would be nice in my opinion.

The only other gripe I have with it is the 3 man fireteams. It has proven to have the ability to have 6 people in one fire team, but not in co-op story, and that’s stupid to me. I want to take my friends to the adventure with me. Their concern was probably that it would be too easy if we had 6 people vs 3. As MMORPGs SOMETIMES do, if you have a bigger party, the enemies are either higher level or there are more of them. Obviously impractical on the free map areas, but once you get to your-team-only areas of story missions, I dont see why that would be hard to implement. In conjunction with a 50 level cap, I could see that working quite nicely actually since more/stronger enemies = more experience and quicker level growth. But, eh, that’s just me.

Well, all in all, the game is still just ABSOLUTELY amazing. And this was a rather long text post. I’m not usually one for making these types of things, and I doubt anyone will even read it, but I wanted to make this anyways so if later I get asked my opinion about this game (which I am sure I will - a lot since almost all of my friends are hardcore gamers too) I can just copy and paste this wall post to them.

(This is for anyone interested. It’s a video of me playing Destiny. In one of the fairly early levels, still on the cosmodrome, I was walking and things turned kinda spooky and I figured I was in a boss layer, so I had to step my game up.)

That headshot game tho.

When you step into the boss lair and step your game up.


I went through hell to get that warframe. I grinded for several nights to get all the blueprints, spent a lot of credits to build the blueprints, and then waited several more days for them to finish. And then what happens? YOU NERF IT!? FUCK. God forbid I actually PAID real money to buy a warframe and then you nerf it. How is that fair?

"Hey guys, here’s this really interesting warframe that can become quite powerful if you give it time, energy, and lots of formas to build correctly. Buy it now and have fun! Oh wait, what’s that? You actually bought it? Sorry, we’re gonna nerf it now. You know all those formas you used and all that time you spent to build that really good warframe? Yea all of that was meaningless now because other people were crying about how OP it was, even though that was really thanks to all the work you put into it. Sorry, but thanks for your money!"

God dammit, this is really pissing me off. Frost, the defensive monarch with his snowglobe - NERFED. Nova, the molecular queen of destruction - NERFED. Trinity, the holy protector - NERFED.

What the fuck devs? How about you grow a spine and tell the people crying about it to go invest time energy and formas into making their own warframes OP as well instead of nerfing whatever they want? I had my Nova forma’d 4 times to get her to where she was. I had my Frost forma’d 3 times to get him to where he was. Thanks for making it all useless now because the entire concept they worked behind is now nerfed and that changes the strategy with how you play them too.

EDIT: And before you mockingly ask “u mad bro” YES I’M MAD. I’m HELLA mad. You don’t release something that people pay for and then change it later! When I buy something there is an inherent contract signed that THIS IS WHAT I AM PAYING FOR, THIS IS WHAT I AM BUYING. The real life equivalent to this is going out to the store, buying a sofa, and then investing extra to have it become really nice looking and comfortable. But then a few days later, having the sofa taken away from you and being given a wooden chair instead because the store owner felt that the sofa was was too grandeur and people who didn’t have it were crying about it, so the only logical conclusion was to take away everyone’s sofa and replace them with wooden chairs instead. BUT HEY LOOK, AT LEAST YOU GET TO KEEP THAT EXPENSIVE SOFA COVERING YOU PURCHASED AND YOU CAN PUT IT ON YOUR WOODEN CHAIR NOW INSTEAD EVEN THOUGH IT DOESN’T FIT CORRECTLY